Seminar Series Schedule

Our seminars features prominent speakers from all over the world. Seminars are given on Tuesdays at 4pm.

Spring 2020

February 11 - Xiaolan Zhao, PhD

Professor of Department of Molecular Biology -Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Genome guardians enable faithful genome duplication and cell cycle progression

Host: Dr. Lorraine Symington

March 3 - Kara Bernstein, PhD

Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics- University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

RAD51 paralog function in DNA damage tolerance

Host:  Dr. Mimi Shirasu-Hiza

March 31 - Jasper Rine, PhD

Richard and Rhoda Goldman Professor of Genetics and Development

Department of Molecular & Cell Biology-University of California Berkeley

Epigenetic Inheritance of Transcriptional States:  What does the Nucleosome Remember?

Host:  Dr. Zhiguo Zhang

April 7 - Jared Nordman, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences in Department of Cell and Development Biology-Vanderbilt University

Developmentally programmed changes in gene copy number: Insights into metazoan chromosomal fragility and DNA replication control

Host: Dr. Cathy Mendelsohn

April 14 - David J. Glass, MD

Vice President of Research Aging/Age-Related Disorders- Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Head, Postdoctoral Fellow Program-Regeneron

Senior Lecturer, Cell Biology-Harvard Medical School

Host:  Dr. Gerard Karsenty

April 21 - Joshua Mendell, MD, PhD

Professor of Department of Molecular Biology-UT Southwestern Medical Center

Host:  Dr. V. Alessandro Gennarino

May 5 - Alea Mills, PhD

Professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Host:  Dr. Chao Lu

May 26 - Navdeep Chandel, PhD

Professor - Department of Medicine and Cell Biology-Northwestern University

Host:  Dr. Christine Iok Chio

Fall 2020

December 8 - Jonathan S. Weissman, PhD

Professor of cellular and molecular pharmacology at the University of California San Francisco

Host: Dr. Alberto Ciccia