Student Seminar Series

Our Student Seminar Series gives our students and postdocs an opportunity to share their work with peers.

Spring 2020

Location:  Hammer Building-Room 305 at 12:00pm  

January 31- Chrystal Mavros - Wang Lab

Modulating the Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis Using a Serotonin-Producing Engineered Probiotic

*Thesis Seminar-Wednesday, February 12 - Sarah Dugger - Goldstein Lab

"Transcriptomic effects ad neurgical phenotypes in a mouse of HNRNPU haploinsufficency"

*Thesis Seminar-Tuesday, March 3 - Marina Ermakova - Goff Lab

MID1IP1 and CCT2 in HIV-1 transuction

cancelled-March 27 - Claudia Capdevilla - Yan Lab

*Virtual Thesis Seminar-Thursday, April 9 - Meghan Pantalia - Shirasu-Hiza Lab

The role of circadian-regulated genes in Drosophila behavior

cancelled-April 17 - Davys Lopez - Mann Lab

cancelled-April 24 - Daniel Krizay - Goldstein Lab

cancelled-May 1 - Albana Kodra - Lomvardas Lab

*Virtual Thesis Seminar-Thursday, May 7 - Benjamin VanSoldt - Cardoso Lab

Proximal-distal patterning of the lung: molecular determinants in lung development and evolution

cancelled-May 8 - Corey Garyn - Snoeck Lab

*Virtual Microbiology & Immunology Thesis Seminar-Friday, May 8 - Julian Berger 

Karsenty Lab- “The contribution of bone to the physiology of danger”

cancelled-*Thesis Seminar-Friday, May 15 - Tarun Nambiar - Ciccia Lab

*Virtual Thesis Seminar-  Thursday, June 25 - Sarah Joseph - Ciccia Lab